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About Gluten Free Innovations

Gluten Free Innovations was created specifically for those in need of a gluten free diet. Because I have been diagnosed with Celiac since January 2005, I understand how hard it is to find gluten free products that taste like real food. I also understand that the cost of maintaining a gluten free lifestyle can overwhelm you. At Gluten Free Innovations, we feel that our products, which are made with the finest ingredients we can buy, will bring back the joy of eating again. We also offer you the opportunity to try and have your old gluten recipes customized into a gluten free form that is safe for you again.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. If you have not sampled our products, we recommend you give them a try….absolutely free. Please contact me directly or the store nearest you to request a free sample of your choice. You can also view our list of events where we will be located in the coming months to offer sampling opportunities. OUR PRODUCTS ARE 100% GUARANTEED. If you purchase any item from Gluten Free Innovations and are not completely satisfied, please contact the store that you purchased from or feel free to contact me and I will either refund your money or replace the product.

As the owner of Gluten Free Innovations, I am committed to making your SWEETEST DREAMS COME TRUE!

- Judy Ryder

Our Location

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Gluten Free Innovations is now open at our newest location at 145 West Fourth Street in Williamsport, PA!

We recently just moved from our old location in Muncy. In our new store, we now have a retail section that we couldn't offer you in the past! We hope this provides a better experience for our customers when selecting products to purchase. We would love to have you stop in and say hello,
so please feel free to come visit us today!

Be sure to look at the list of other stores where Gluten Free Innovations products are available. Keep in mind that not all stores are able to keep stock and therefore items are by special order only!
We encourage you to look into and visit our other store called Sunflower Cafe & Bakery where our gluten-free products can also be located!

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